Monday, December 8, 2008

Review Of Conversational Hypnosis By Igor Ledochowski

REVIEW: Conversational hypnosis

I recently purchased a copy of Conversational Hypnosis program from My company had sent a group of people for training by Igor Ledochowski and those people had been really impressed by him. I decided to give a shot to this course. I am onto 6th session and I will have to accept that it is worth the price tag. One of the guys I know has put up a session by session review of this program on link given below. You can follow -

I started this blog on Igor Ledochowski to post my experiences with the program, however if I do that I will be just copying over the other guys stuff. You can read the stuff on that blog. As far as my experiences are concerned, I have found this program to be immensely powerful and beneficial. The only drawback is that it needs time, you need to practice what he teaches. Like his echoing technique. It is quite simple but you need to practice it in your everyday conversation. This course made me realize how effectively advertisements and sales people use these simple tricks to change your decission. Conversational hypnosis provides the same kind of power to you. Imagine if you had the same kind of power and knowledge that these advertising people use to make you purchase their products. Or the kind of techniques that are used by SWAT teams while dealing with criminals. How easy it will be to manage your kids or colleagues or even your boss. Well that is why companies pay so high to Igor Ledochowski. His training in this regard is simply too good. He has packed the same content in this course and from what I have seen till now. There is no doubt that it works like a magic pill.
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Nathan said...

I agree, igors course is great and he is a great hypnosis/nlp trainer!
I am intrigued by the fact that there is a whole blog dedicated to him, which i presume he has no idea about :)